Ontario School Rankings

Browse an interactive list of public primary schools or public secondary schools; compare their rankings by EQAO (Quality and Accountability Office) test results, language, religion, percentage of parents that had university education, and percentage of gifted students. See the location of the schools on the map below the list.

The list of schools is rather large (4000+ primary schools, 950+ secondary schools). Unless you have a fast computer, a fast internet connection, and a fast web browser (like Google Chrome), it's a good idea to pre-filter to the list to keep the page responsive. You don't have to if you don't want too (go ahead and press the 'Get lis of schools' button' to see what happens); but at the very least you need to choose primary or secondary schools.

The map doesn't currently show the catchment (or attendance) zones for each school; this is an improvement we hope to make shortly. This would be useful to help figure out which primary school to send your child to get free bus transportation, or which school your child is allowed to attend.

Primary / SecondaryReligionLanguageMinimum overall averageUse map boundaries
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(Include only schools with this minimum average. -1 includes schools that don't have any test results; 0 includes all schools that have test results)
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Number of schools that match current filters: 4041 (change the filter selection/map to see this number update)